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 Me and my husband really wanted to make sure that we were funding college efficiently. Unfortunately our son turned down a full-ride offer and decided on an elite college that cost $62,000 a year. We knew financial aid wasn't going to be much help because of our income bracket and were looking for any tools and resources to make sure we didn't go broke. After going through this process with Stefan, we realized that even though we made good money, we could afford this school without having to dip into our savings or using our home equity. Knowing that we would only have to pay $7,500 a year was truly a life saver!"
 I honestly thought that this would be a waste of time. But I figured it was worth it to at least give it a try. College was not getting any cheaper for us with four children in school at the same time. Stefan was so thorough with me and my wife through this process. He showed us exactly how much we were overpaying, what opportunities there were to pay less, and how to get the results we wanted. The evaluation uncovered about $37,212 a year that we were overpaying. Hence to say...this was the best time and money we've ever spent."
 I am the most critical person in the world. As an attorney, I have to be. I put Stefan through the ringer because I wanted to make sure that he could actually help us. Every time I talked to a "college funding" professional or financial adviser, I seemed to always know more than they did. Luckily, he's a straight shooter just like myself. Didn't waste time or BS me and showed us exactly how he could help us. It turned out that we were doing everything just fine and didn't need to spend any money to hire him or any other professional. However, the evaluation did uncover about $8,300 a year our accountant had no idea about. Definitely worth the time."

$10,000 Guarantee

We are so confident in the results of the evaluation that your fee is 100% refundable in the event that we are unable to uncover at least $10,000 in missed opportunities.
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