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College Plan Today is a firm of small business strategists, tax experts, and college planning specialists, whose goal is to help small business owners avoid paying more than they need to for higher educational expenses. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. They take a lot of risk, they have a lot of expenses, they employ millions of people, and they pay a lot in taxes. With retirement sneaking around the corner and multiple children, the average American family is forced to make financial decisions around college that may have negative impacts on their pocketbook years down the road. Through proactive and efficient planning, they have helped countless families achieve financial success during the college planning process. Their number one priority is showing small business owners how to pay for college without going broke, ruining their retirement, going into debt, or sacrificing any other financial goals.
Stefan Belhomme, RTP
Stefan Belhomme is the founder of College Plan Today, LLC and a graduate of Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. He is a College Funding Specialist and Registerd Tax Planner (RTP®). Eventually becoming a business owner, he soon realized the tax, liability, and financial issues associated with being self-employed. These things can erode a business owners’ wealth and prohibit their ability to save for other future events like college and retirement. Educational costs especially continue to skyrocket at levels way above inflation. With increased competition in higher education, most business owners receive very little assistance from the federal government or Colleges and Universities. As a father of college-bound children himself, this area is something near and dear to his heart. He sits on the board of the National College Advocacy Group (NCAG) and is currently authoring a book, The College Financial Game Plan™. Since 2006, his focus has been to help small business owners understand the rules of the “game” so they can play it more efficiently.

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